Chords with an alternate bass note?

I'm loving Chorderator - as I'm able take a screen shot of the more unusual chords in a song and then crop those for inclusion in a song sheet, and that's been extremely helpful.

So far so good, but today I have a number of chords with an alternate bass note, such as Bb/C & F/Eb. These are really meant to be keyboard items, and sometimes such chords will be impossible for guitar, but fortunately I've been lucky with both of these - they're a little awkward to get used to, like many new chords - but definitely both manageable.

However, standard Chorderator chords don't cover these, and the Chord Designer has a horizontal layout where the notes names will then be the wrong way up if the image is rotated - plus it doesn't have the plain format to match standard chords, either.

It would be great if there was a way in future that the Designer Chords could be made to take the same format of the standard chords - for situations like these?


Harry, UK


  • Update: I've been able to take out the colour aspect, so it's now monochrome, which helps - but I've also not been able to indicate that there's a barre in place, which of course is another aspect that would be very useful with the Designer option.
  • Update 2! I can now see that F/Eb can be used as part of F/A, which IS available - my just takes a bit more thought to consider what the options might be.

    Hope this is useful to someone, though - and having the option for portrait monochrome Designer chords would still be helpful!
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